About us

I'm glad you want to find out more about us!

Vanlife Germany e. V. is a community by and for vanlifers.

Vanlife can change lives - stress reduction, sustainability, community, remote work, minimalism, freedom - these are all positive aspects

We want to support people who are interested in the topic of "van life" and who might want to expand or own a campervan themselves. Our maxims are "Give and take", "Together we are strong" and "Teamwork makes the dream work".

Why, why and why is the Vanlife Germany e. V. originated:

My name is Daniel (32) and I am a member of the board of Vanlife Germany e. V.. In 2014 I renovated a house on my own and unfortunately fell into a life crisis in 2018 due to my divorce and separation from my own children. So I bought a transporter and wanted to convert it into a campervan so that I could continue to experience adventures with my kids and have a great time.

However, the conversion turned out to be more difficult than expected. How can I convert a transporter? Where can I park the vehicle? Which tools can I work with?

In 2019 I drove from Germany to Portugal to a CamperRetreat with a half-built campervan. A 14 day guided tour of Portugal with a total of 12 people in 7 campervans. Shortly thereafter, I took part in the Nomadcruise , a 14-day conference at sea for digital nomads, entrepreneurs and people seeking freedom. This trip showed me that there are people who have managed to be free to choose where in the world they want to work and live.

In April 2020 I moved out of my apartment into my camper and then wanted to travel all over Germany. However, four weeks later I ended up in the hospital due to an eMTB accident and a broken collarbone. Another four weeks later I sat on a motorcycle as a passenger for the first time and barely survived a serious motorcycle accident. In addition, my ex-wife and the youth welfare office forbade me from traveling with the children in the campervan. The real reason why I bought the campervan in the first place. This led me to start renting out the campervan. The feedback for the "totally comfortable and wonderful" extension surprised me and the reactions and experiences of the tenants after the sometimes shorter or longer rentals confirmed my positive, sometimes life-changing van life experiences.

In October 2020 I moved back to a beautiful apartment in the countryside surrounded by nature, wild animals and now my children are only 5 minutes away. However, I was more passionate about the topic of vanlife than ever before. So I founded the Vanlife Germany e.V. with 6 other members. v.

Vanlife Germany e. V.

From January 2021 we rented a 180m2 hall in Delmemhorst and used it as a self-development workshop. The rush was great, the hall quickly became too small and due to the promises made by the landlord that were not kept (after 4 months there was a water, sewage and toilet connection and the city said it was only permitted to be used as a storage hall), we decided to May changed the hall. Now we had a 400m² hall in Bremen including office and training rooms. Unfortunately, after 1 1/2 months, the city and the fire brigade came and gave us an immediate ban on use, since the landlord did not have certain building permits and the hall can apparently only be used as a warehouse. We had to send do-it-yourself builders who were in the hall home and postpone the TV date for the NDR.We then canceled the hall and have since been looking for the right location to further advance our mission and vision. Of course, our dream would be our own large property with a hall, meadow, forest and a small lake.

Campervan Draw

Many people would like to make the dream of owning their own campervan possible, but do not have the right budget, time or experience to make this dream come true. With the raffle of a campervan we want to make this dream come true. The small contribution gives you the chance to win a professionally developed campervan and at the same time the purchase of one ticket supports the mission and vision of Vanlife Germany e. V. The feedback on the draw is overwhelming! It shows and gives us the opportunity that, despite all the challenges, we are still on the right track for the community.

If you want to support us, donate here. Every contribution helps!

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October 2021